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Deer Creek Trailhead

Tanglewood Trail

A very steep and rocky trail that starts in an open valley, reaches the Mount Evans Wilderness boundary in one mile, alpine tundra with Bristlecone pine forests at 2.5 miles, and the top of Pegmatite Points ridge at 3 miles. The scenery of the upper section of the trail is well worth the climb!

 Drive east from Bailey on Highway 285, 3 miles to the top of Crow Hill. Turn west on Forest Road 100 (County Road 43). Drive 9 miles.  Go past the turn off for Meridan Campground (Colorado 47). Continue one mile past Deer Creek Campground, to the Deer Creek Trailhead.
  Trail Name Tanglewood  
  Trail # 636  
  Region Mt. Evans  
  Travel Time Round Trip 6 hours  
  Distance One-Way 6 miles  
  Elevation Gain 2700 feet  
  High Point 12,000feet  
  Rating Difficult   
The trail begins at the northwest corner of the trailhead on an old 4-wheel drive road. The lower part is broad and pleasant, as it flanks the creek, crossing it several times. At about one mile, reach the junction with the Rosalie Trail, #603. Rosalie Trail heads westward, to end at Guanella Pass. Our trail continues northward, up the steep and eroded west bank of Tanglewood Creek. The old road is visible here and there, but finally it vanishes into the willows.
  Open  Late June
  Close September
  Campground Deer Creek
  Map Natl Geo #104

The next mile of trail is wet, boggy, steep, and rocky, as it attempts to stick close to the creek. Finally, the trail reaches treeline, right into a beautiful Bristlecone Pine forest. Time for a rest and some photos! The great twisted tree shapes provide perfect foreground for pictures of the Deer Creek valley below.

Now gain the ridge of the Pegmatite Points over tundra and snowfields. The Mount Evans Scenic Byway is visible traversing the east slopes of Mt Evans. Our trail continues to the valley below as the Roosevelt Lakes Trail #56. To the west, is Rosalie Peak, 13,575 feet.

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